Chiltern Rangers Relocation

Chiltern Rangers is a social enterprise working with local communities to provide practical habitat management of the woodlands, chalk grasslands, commons, ponds and chalk streams in the Chilterns’ area.

We are acting as development manager to help them to secure their relocation from their Council-owned depot in Fennels Road, High Wycombe. The depot, leased from the Council, has served them well for their first five years but is no longer suited to their expanded operations and is also earmarked by the Council for redevelopment.

We have been working closely with Chiltern Rangers ever since we first asked them to become involved in our Wycombe Summit project in High Wycombe, which included 29 hectares of ancient woodland.

As the promoter of the Wycombe Summit project, working with Carington Estates, the landowner, we ensured that a long term management plan for Deangarden Wood was put in place and included as a s106 obligation with the planning permission for a new housing development on land immediately adjacent to the woodland.

The Woodland Management Plan is now being implemented by Carington Estate, who have contracted with Chiltern Rangers to carry out the work. Alongside the woodland management, Chiltern Rangers is also working with the District Council and the County Council to put in place the network of public footpaths which now allow the woodland to be enjoyed by the public.

We engaged Chiltern Rangers as our woodland advisor on another significant Ancient Woodland in the area, Finnamore Wood, which is near Marlow. This is covered in one of the case studies.

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